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5 reasons for using interim business development and marketing start up positions

More and more start up companies use freelance business development and marketing staff. There are several good reasons to do so:

  1. Experience

Freelance and interim managers have a good track record and experience in a range of industries. They bring a wealth of knowledge and have done it before. A very useful asset in an ever changing start up environment

  1. Flexibility in duration

This is also very relevant. From a few day to a few month and then see if you want to extend the cooperation. The situation may be very different in a few month and this type of flexibility is very useful.

  1. Flexibility in capabilities

Same thing here, in a few month time you may need other distribution knowledge or German instead of Dutch language capabilities. Interim and freelance staff can solve these flexibility issues.

  1. Availability

Interim staff members are often available quickly and start a few days from now. That is often a very useful in a fast paced start up environment.

5. Quality

Interim and freelance people in general offer good quality work. They decided to become independent, because they know their capabilities and like the intellectual challenge of learning in new situations.

We can help you find interim staff on the commercial side of the start up business. Affordable quick and with knowledge. Please contact us for more info.