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Geopolitical friendships

As a result of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia countries have to say who their true friends are.

The USA and Europe picked up their old friendship as believers in a democratic world. Countries a bit further away with similar ideas about how to run a country joined the club: e.g. Japan and Australia and of course Canada.

China tries not to choose sides in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but took the opportunity to blame the competitor for world leadership, The USA,  for this conflict.

India saw an opportunity to buy cheap Russian gas and is not in the position to make strong statements about who is to blame in this conflict and who is their best friend. 

Russia is a bit isolated friends-wise, and how many friends it will have, will depend on how successful they will be in the conflict. Russia has a few dubious friends that voted against their invasion of Ukraine in the UN assembly: Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria and Russia has a few very dubious friends in Africa, mainly because they help the leaders with bodyguards and weapons to protect themselves.

How this all will effect international business in the long run is not clear at the moment. Friendships in trade are not always based on shared hobbies, moral background and culture, but mainly is a result of benefit of transactions. Time will tell. Hopefully peace will soon return!