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Hiring staff in Europe

If you want to expand your business from Asia or America to Europe, there are 3 main ways to work with local staff

1. Hire local consultants and freelancers that invoice you in your home country

2. Hire an EoR (employer of record) that hires staff on your behalf and invoices your company

3. Open a legal entity and contract staff from that entity

The preferred model depends on many factors, but during the last few years more companies chose for the EoR option and a new EoR industry is growing.

In the long run all succesful companies of course work with their own staff in Europe. This is the most cost effective way for long term solid business growth. Nevertheless, flexibility in the early stages of international expansion is crucial if you do not want to take too much financial risk. The flexibility also means you can change strategy. So if you start to invest in sales and marketing in Europe starting with freelancers and consultants is a very good way to test the waters.

Freelancers and consultants can easily be found through your local embassy, Linkedin, specialized busines events and your network.

If you need help, let us know!