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Pixibo as an artificial intelligence company that helps fashion brands, marketplaces and online stores to increase conversion from website visitor to sales and lower returns of not fitting clothes. Results can be impressive: 30% lower returns and up to 70% higher conversion.

Pixibo is a VC funded start up from Singapore. It offers a tool that asks people that want to order on eFashion websites in a smarter way questions about their sizes and what would fit them best. Using variables like age and length a better understanding of the true sizes is obtained. This results in better fitting clothes and buyers that are more inclined to buying, as they trust the tool. Used by several well respected eFashion players in Asia and their first European counterparts the technology is an elegant example of how to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning in a practical environment. It offers a win-win-win situation for ecommerce players, their clients and the environment.

Market Extension helps to develop the European business by identify potential partners in Europe, introducing the service and helping with the negotiation.