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Cebit worth a visit for European expansion

Digital innovation meets at Cebit

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Above an image from a computerscreen in 1990, 27 years ago. Cebit 2017 in Hanover was different from the 1990 event. Not just hardware and software for computer specialists, but a very good event for European business developers in the digital space and a must be there event for 2018 if you want to work with and meet digital innovators.

This year there were about 200.000 visitors and over 200 Japanse companies showed their offering, as Japan was Cebit country.
There were a range of start ups from many European countries. Poland, Belgium, Luxemburg, several German states and other countries showed some of their best emerging companies in tech. Each of these countries had large country sectors/zones on Cebit. There were the large traditional players in the digital space like Salesforce & IBM. Now also several automobive companies like Volkswagen and Honda showing off their capabilities in data, VR, autonomous driving and robotica. There also was a pavilion deditated to start ups, IoT, security and more. I was impressed with the number of innovative start ups that were present. Robotica, Artificial intelligence, webtech and virtual and augented reality were all over. The event gave a good look at the state of the digital developments, gave ample opportunities to network and learn about new emerging technology and players. Highly recommended for a 2018 visit. For the adventurous souls there is a campground about 150 meters from one of the entrances, about 100 campers used the services and had a holiday feeling during the event.

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