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Summer online and media statistics

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Above a close up of a flower in Holland, must have been march last year when I shot it. The weather is changing and getting better again, spring and summer are getting close. Some summer statistics...

Facebook looked at summer usage statistics in 2016 and came with some interesting insights. Tuesdays were the days there were the most travel related purchases. When they looked at the hashtag "running" 67% were comments by females. People over 45 increased their conversation about gardening, fishing and their patios by around 50%, and sharing of video content increased 46% during the summer period. Dutch people watch 13% less TV in summer according to the Dutch organisation that measures this. 1 in 5 global travelers visit a country because they saw it on a tv show.

Travellers from Asia are most likely to use online methods to book hotels, US, UK and Italian travellers stand out as online booking channel users, and the Chinese are most likely to make bookings via mobile apps.

76% of TripAdvisor users agree that traveler-submitted photos influence their booking decision.

Travl booking portal Skyscanner says if you want to fly from Europe to Malaga or Tenerife, it is cheapest to book 8 weeks ahead, to New York or Bangkok it is 18 weeks ahead.

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