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Dutch Saas market development

services and considerations

Today, March 20 2020 most of the world is experiencing the Corona virus effects. Looking forward companies will have to grasp their act together and look for ways to grow again, or at least adjust to a new reality where personal contact and direct personal sales are less popular of even impossible.

One of the ways Saas companies can grow is by going international. Core technology and capabilities can be translated and Internet-only services can be made available to other markets.

At Market Extension we can help companies develop additional revenue with their digital services on the Dutch language market. Cost-efficient, we take part of the risk, and we know what we are doing.


The size of the market, of course, depends on the specific service offered, but The Netherlands has about 17 million inhabitants and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium has another 7 million and to be fair to them also in the Caribbean and Surinam Dutch is spoken.

Both Belgium and Holland have an above-average European per capita income and high digital literacy. This can give you a rough idea of market size. Based on your industry we can give you a better idea about the market potential.


If you want to expand your Saas operation to the Dutch language market, there are several factors to take into consideration before you go. A few issues:

  • Can your core technology be translated or is there some hard coding in your software in another language that makes it impossible to translate the software?

  • Do you have a payment system that is fit for the Dutch language market? If not consider partnering with companies like Adyen, Worldpay or Stripe.

  • Could there be legal issues that may keep you from operating on the Dutch market? Here you should think about European privacy laws that may be tougher than others, laws about how you can extend a subscription, ownership of data. We can help.

  • Do you need local content, local strategic partners to develop your service or a localized way to offer your service or adjust your pricing to the specific circumstance?


We are based in The Netherlands and have helped a range of Saas companies from Europe, Asia, and the USA.

First, we would set up a call to hear more about your service and discuss the possibilities and chances of success. Then we would look at how your service should be localized and what investment would be needed. If we get a go-ahead we help to localize content, find partners if needed and get your service up and running. Then we start marketing, mainly in the digital space, but potentially also offline. When prospects and clients arrive we run the first line helpdesk, help to keep the churn low and make sure clients are happy.

Renummeration can be a combination of an affordable fixed monthly fee and a results based component.

Please contact us here if you are interested to learn more!

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