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Hot start us companies at Web Summit

Start ups that were most popular with venture capitalists

Websummit published a list of most sought after start ups for introductory meetings with venture capitalists during the recent Websummit event. A lot of AI, websites ending with .IO and very limited concepts that someone from outside the digital industry would understand. No Adtech and very limited social media. It gives good insight in where venture capitalists believe future developments are going and what kind of companies can be disruptive.

A list of the companies, with a brief description

Digital Genius (Enterprise) Artificial Intelligence for contact centers. Automatic answers are automatically generated and approved by call center agents

Deepomatic (Software) – Artificial intelligence and deeplearning technology for image recognition.

Clark (Fintech) Insurtech start up for transparent insurance

Recast.AI (Enterprise) –Collaborative platform to develop intelligent bots

Cosmo Tech (Software) augmented reality to take better business decisions

Contentful (software) Content managers infrastructure for developers

Tellmeplus (Software) AI for faster asset and customer intelligence

Finalcad (Software) Apps and predictive analytics for the construction industry

timify (Software) – Timify.comOnline appointment manager

Seerene (Software) – Seerene.comPerformance management for software development

unbabel (Software) AI supported translation service

iContainers (eCommerce) Container transport platform

Snips (Hardware & IoT) AI supported voice assistent for product support

Easy Payment Gateway (Fintech) “nice and easy” add additional payment forms to your website

Formlabs (Hardware & IoT) – 3d printers

Flexciton (Software) – AI powered planning and scheduling for industry (Travel) – Airbnb for business stays

Mapwize (Software) Maps and orientation for within buildings

nello (Hardware & IoT) – - keyless building access

Blue Code (Fintech) – Bluecode.comPayment solutions for smartphones

getsocial (Software) –“social and viral layer for your app”

Hype Labs (Software) – hypelabs.ioSDK for connectivity

SecurionPay (Fintech) Secure online payment platform

Sellf (Software) – Runkeeper for salesteams

LeanXcale (Big Data) next generation Database technology